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Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharge for road transport in July 2020 is 3%.

Fuel surcharge is based on the price of diesel published by ČSÚ for week 26, 2020, specifically, CZK 26,42.

Fuel surcharge for road transport depends directly on the average price of diesel* published by Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), and published on their web site each Friday:

The following determination of fuel surcharge amount only applies to domestic and international system transports.

* Average price of diesel in CZ (CZK / 1liter) Fuel surcharge
25,00 – 29,99 3%
30,00 – 34,99 6%
35,00 – 39,99 9%
40,00 – 44,99 12%
45,00 – 49,99 15%
50,00 – 54,99 18%

  • Fuel surcharge is calculated from net price of transport according to valid Geis CZ s.r.o. price list, not including additional fees, e.g. road toll, etc.
  • Fuel surcharge is determined according to average price of diesel* published by Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), valid in the last complete week of each calendar month
  • Fuel surcharge is always billed separately on transport invoice.

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