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Parcel collection network for e-commerce

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Benefits for your e-shop!

We have a solution for your customers who do not want or can not wait for their orders to be delivered. The goods can simply be sent or forwarded to our network of collection points.

This service is provided under the trade name Geis Point. It allows customers to pick up their parcel at a time and place that suits them - e.g. on their way to/ from work or at the weekend.

How to join our network?

It’ s simple. You only need to make an agreement with our company.

Some e-commerce platforms have already adopted Geis and Geis Point as their delivery service provider and you can activate this service by signing an agreement with our company. Check this out with your e-commerce provider. If your platform doesn’t allow this, we can offer you the Web service Geis Point (GPWS), which enables you to choose Geis Point collection in the ‘add to cart’ step in your e-shop.

What are the size and weight limits for parcels sent to a Geis Point?

  • Maximum weight of an individual item: 15 kg
  • One piece = one consignment

Parcel size:

  • Maximum width 80 cm
  • Maximum height 60 cm
  • Maximum lenght 42 cm

How is the parcel delivered to a Geis Point?

  • If your customer chooses delivery by our company, they can choose delivery directly to a Geis Point (in case your e-shop enables this).
  • If your customer orders delivery to a particular address, they will receive a text message with the parcel number, the due amount and the option to forward their parcel to a Geis Point.
  • The parcel will be delivered to a Geis Point one working day after it has been collected from the e-shop.
  •  We will send a text message notification when your parcel is available for pickup at the chosen collection point.
  • If the customer doesn’t collect his parcel after the first notification, we will send two more notifications
  • The storage in the pickup point is free of charge and the parcel can be stored there for 7 days.
  • If the recipient doesn’t collect the parcel within 7 days, it will be returned to the sender.

But that rarely happens - 90% of recipients collect their parcels within the first three days.

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