Dear customers, please always check with the recipient of your shipment that their premises are open and ready for takeover before dispatching your shipments. Please do not ship your shipments to a closed premises. Thank you for understanding.For website of DPD CZ s.r.o. (formerly Geis Parcel CZ s.r.o.) click here

B2C Parcel Transport

System of courier services to business addresses (B2C)

How do services differ for delivery to a business and to a private address?

If you select delivery in B2C mode in the order module, i.e. delivery to a private address, the price of transport will automatically include:

Basic services

  • We pick up the shipments directly from you or from the address that you specify.
  • If you provide your customer’s e-mail, we will send them notification of shipment delivery.
  • We will notify recipient by text message of your dispatch of shipment, including shipment number, cash on delivery amount (if the goods are cash on delivery) and the option of rerouting the shipment to the Geis Point pickup shop.
  • On the delivery day we notify the consignee by SMS or e-mail.
  • If we do not find the consignee at the address, we will deliver the shipment the next working day.
  • We deliver the shipment to the first lockable door.
  • You and your client can track the route of your shipment in real time (Track & Trace).
  • Proof of delivery of each of your shipments will be available on our website.
  • We provide a cover for each shipment max. of up to 50 000 CZK.
  • You receive regular (daily, weekly, monthly) reports of all delivered and undelivered shipments. We also provide the reason for any delay.

Service for your customers:

We have a special page for goods you send to a private address of your customers. They can track their package, reroute it to a Geis Point pickup shop, enter a competition which we organise for them or follow our Facebook profile. We always have something new for your B2C customers.

Additional services

You will find these services useful when you need something extra:

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