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Dear customers,

In view of the closure of most of the retail network in the Czech Republic due to the autumn Covid outbreak, we ask you that before dispatch you always verify that the recipient is able to take over your shipment(s), i.e. that the receipt of your goods has been guaranteed. We ask you not to dispatch goods to us if you have no information about the takeover. For capacity reasons, we cannot store such shipments in our branches throughout the length of the government measures.

Shipments which have been received to our systems but the recipient fails to take them over (or you fail to arrange the takeover with the recipient) can only be stored for the minimum time necessary and will be sent back to the sender upon agreement.

Failed delivery to a closed facility or plant and subsequent return of these goods is for both us and for you a needless additional expense.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to more than ever cooperate with the recipients of your shipments and adapt the dispatch of your goods to the current situation.

Thank you for your loyalty and we believe that together we will prevent any unnecessary economic damages.

Geis CZ


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