Courier air transport

Choose Air courier service for your urgent international shipments.

We ensure timely and safe delivery

to/from more than 200 countries worldwide. Air courier means good service for interesting price. Calculate the time we need to deliver your shipment, including the price of this service.

These services are implemented through our daughter company Geis CZ Air + Sea s.r.o.

Conditions for export/import shipments:

Dimensions, weight:

  •     One piece = one shipment
  •     Max. shipment weight 50kg
  •     2x height + 2x width + length up to 3m
  •     For individual dimensions, the following is valid
    - max. width 80cm
    - max. height 60cm
    - max. length 200cm

For courier shipments, weight/volume ratio must always be used during calculation.

The formula for calculation of weight/volume ratio (cm) = height × width × length / 5000

Is your package heavier? Is it bulkier? Then contact our daughter company Geis CZ. Experts from our air + sea transport branch will gladly help you with your transport.

We offer the following in the scope of our Air courier service:

  • Express air courier package transport to more than 200 countries of the world, always “door to door”
  • Customs clearance of packages
  • Pick-up of shipment at sender’s location
  • Concise billing
  • Reduced prices in case of regular cooperation and higher shipment quantity


Please observe instructions for in Shipment packing section, to reduce the risks of damage to goods during transport, sorting, and other handling.

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