Student development: connecting theory and practice

What do you know about logistics? Do you think it's moving goods from point A to point B? You're right, but you don't have it. In fact, the actual movement of goods is only part of the industry. What else logistics deals with was the subject of a lecture, during which Geis project manager Jan Jadrníček passed on his experience in warehouse logistics to students of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Economics in Prague.

Přednáška na Vysoké škole ekonomickéThe logistics company Geis has been cooperating with and supporting the education of students for a long time. For this reason, Geis Geis has taken another opportunity to help students get to know the industry better, in a practical way.

As Geis has been providing logistics services for many decades, it is clear that it can convey the real reality of the practice. Nearly 200 students from the Master's degree programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics (FPH) listened to information about warehouses and their requirements, their equipment and software systems, racking solutions, handling technology, and, most importantly, real case studies showing practical solutions to client requirements. Lecturer Jan Jadrnicek, who is in charge of logistics projects across the country at Geis, was satisfied. I left feeling that it was worthwhile and I'm happy to come back." The number of questions from the students showed that the experience was engaging.

Head of the Department of Logistics at the University of Economics in Prague doc. JUDr. Ing. Radek Novák, CSc. addressed the Geis lecture with a proposal for a deeper connection between theory and practice.  "We are glad when our students include experts from logistics practice from our partners. In our opinion, this is the most effective way to explain specific professional issues to the students and at the same time attract some of them for logistics practice. But last but not least, it is about making sure that literally every graduate of our faculty ha20221005_142114s at least basic knowledge and practical overview of logistics issues, and thus understands that you simply cannot exist or do business without logistics. I have been working with Geis personally for about a quarter of a century. That is why I was glad that Geis also became a corporate partner of our department a few years ago," said Radek Novák.

Geis has been a contractual partner of the Department of Logistics of the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Economics in Prague for many years. In addition to financial support for the department, this partnership focuses primarily on professional cooperation. This includes cooperation with students in writing bachelor and master theses on professional logistics topics commissioned directly by Geis.  The company also supplies study materials that are commonly used in teaching within the logistics department.  Last but not least are the aforementioned professional teaching inputs. Geis CZ Managing Director Daniel Knaisl says: "Supporting students and their development is absolutely essential for the further development and cultivation of the entire field. We have been developing students and their potential throughout our CEE region for a long time and we will definitely continue to do so. In today's turbulent times, we need to move one step further virtually every day. And it is usually young people who bring the most innovation and have the ability to look at a problem or an area with completely different eyes. And we definitely want to support them in this and will continue to do so."




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