We also support the ADRA travelling exhibition

Our cooperation with the humanitarian organisation ADRA is moving forward again. We have now become partners in a travelling exhibition that maps the work of this charitable organisation. People can see it in 11 cities in the Czech Republic gradually until spring 2023.

ADRA výstava

We have been cooperating with the humanitarian organization ADRA for a long time. Renata Benešová Chlebková, CSR Specialist at ADRA says: "Cooperation with GEIS is a great help in our activities. The national transport of material aid to those in need here in the Czech Republic or to those arriving from Ukraine greatly speeds up the distribuADRA výstava 3tion of aid. We appreciate the fact that GEIS is also a partner in the transport of our organization's travelling exhibition. Thank you for having Geis with us for others!"

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Czech branch of ADRA, an exhibition of photographs, of which Geis is a partner, has started to travel around the Czech Republic. It maps the areas where ADRA has helped or is still helping. Whether it is humanitarian activities, education or volunteering in our country. In 11 Czech cities, it is possible to see images by well-known and unknown photographers and read stories related to aid.

And when will you be able to visit the exhibition in your city? More information about the dates can be found here.


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