Pallet delivery B2B

System of transport services to business addresses (B2B)

Order domestic pallet transport

Basic services included in cost of transport:

  • Shipment pick-up directly from the sender or at the sender’ s preferred address.
  • If you enter your customer’s email address, they will be sent a delivery notification. The notification will include basic information about the sender, tracking number and the due amount (in case of cash-on-delivery).
  • We provide ‘Door-to-door’ parcel delivery
  • If we fail to reach your customer at the given address, we will attempt re-delivery the following working day.
  • We hold responsibility for consignments in accordance with the CMR Convention (CZK 500 000 maximum).
  • You can track your package online (Tracking &Tracing).
  • Shipment delivery confirmation is available on our website.
  • We will prepare statistics concerning your shipments with all the details.
  • We will provide a customer application for shipping goods.

Additional services:

  • We will send a text message with a pick-up shipment notification. The message contains basic information about the sender, the tracking number and the due amount (in case of cash-on-delivery).
  • On the day of delivery the recipient will be notified of the delivery time by phone. The driver will call the recipient not later than 2 hours, and not earlier than an hour before delivery. 7:30
  • We provide cash-on -delivery (COD). We will collect the money from the recipient and send it to your bank account within 7 working days.
  • We will provide return transport of goods (consignment return) from the recipient back to you.
  • We will exchange full pallets for empty ones when transporting returned shipments.
  • We will arrange return of EUR-pallets and ½ pallets. We will keep a record of your pallet orders.
  • We notify the recipient about their shipment by providing the tracking number and the due amount upon delivery.

  • On the delivery day we notify the consignee by phone in advance of the time of the shipment delivery. The driver calls the consignee within 2 hours at the latest prior to delivery, but no earlier than at 7.30 a.m.

  • We provide return transport (of returned goods) from the consignee to you or to the address that you enter.

  • We exchange full pallets for empty ones when picking up returned goods.

  • For shipments transported on EUR and ½ pallets we ensure their return. We maintain a pallet account for you.

  • We can arrange shipment insurance for you. The cost of insurance for international transport is 0.13% of the shipment value, minimum 100 CZK.

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